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Antana Boutique in Poznan.
Localisation: Saint Martin street, Poznań, Poland date of project: 2004 date of create: 2005 area: 46m2 total cost: 30000 euro authors: Igor Kaźmierczak Monika Buśko-Kuś The shop with exclusive ladys's shoes is located close to the shopping center in the middle of the old town in Poznań. The intentions of the interior was to create delicate and free lines, lightness and feminity. The shoe shop was designed as a two indyvidual parts. The first part is the back-up facilities with place to stock the shoes and the other part as a exposition for clients. Both of the parts are separated by arch-shaped shoe shelves, where one portion is the storage and the other one is exposition with it's glass shelves. All the shoe-shelves and counter are made of plywood. The second of the exposicion walls is designed as white composicion of arch-openings glass shelves in them. The idea of the interior was inspirated by the French artist Georges Rousse. Inside of this little shoe shop was designed as an optical illusion beetwen the walls, ceiling and the floor so it's looks like a one big flat composition. We used there very natural and modern materials like the stone on the floor, wood, glass, two-way mirrors on the walls, barrisol on the ceiling and the special form fabrics in the whole interior.
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